Getting Started

Learn how to sign up for a new account and navigate the site

Creating a new account

First things first, lets sign up for a new account. At OGS we don't require an email address, but it's useful to have one in case you ever forget your password.


The login screen, create a new account or choose to login with an existing account.

After picking your username and password you will be sent to the main screen. All new members joining the site will start around 13kyu. Admins cannot change your rank for you.

We've found that OGS ranks are pretty close to what you can expect to find elsewhere. As a new player you'll be given 5 provisional games that will help while your rank is stabilizing.

After you complete this step you are done and ready to start playing!


First view of the site if you aren't playing any games.

Viewing your Profile and Settings

Before you get started playing games it might be useful to browse through your settings and make sure the site is set up in the most comfortable way for you.

To get to your settings: expand your menu bar (highlighted in green below) and select Settings (highlighted in red)


Navigating to your Settings menu

Your settings page will allow you to configure the site for your personal preferences. Including Themes, Fonts, Notification Preferences as well as updating profile information that is visible to other users from your profile page. You will also use this page to set yourself in Vacation mode.


Settings Page Overview

The Notification Area

At the top right of the screen is your notification area.


The blue icon shows that you have a notification. Notifications can include things like

  • New Friend Request
  • New Game Challenge
  • Game has started
  • Tournament has started/ended
  • etc.

These messages can be expanded and usually have other actions associated with them


The icon in black to the left of the blue icon (If you have a dark theme this icon will be white) is the number of games for which it is your turn. When there are no games for which it is your turn then this icon will be hidden. Clicking on it will take you to the first game. Repeatedly clicking on it will rotate you through games for which it is your turn.

Where to go from here?

If you are ready to dive in and start playing then you can return to your home screen to find or create a new game, but if you are new to the game of Go now might be a great time to learn how to play. We have a section of the site dedicated to teaching new players follow the link highlighted in red in this image.


A note about user behavior

We want everyone to have a good time while playing on OGS. We understand that Go can be competitive and frustrating sometimes, but we ask our players to exercise good sportsmanship when talking and interacting with other players.

If another player reports you for bad behavior, we might ask you to tone it down a little. In general, as long as you aren't behaving badly, you have nothing to worry about.

There is certain behavior for which we have a zero tolerance policy and will result in an immediate ban:

  • Racist, misogynistic, or other hate speech
  • Sexually explicit material, including chat and user avatars
  • Direct or indirect harassment that includes threats