Anyone competing in any Sitewide Tournaments are automatically eligible to receive points towards the Sitewide Leaderboards.

Participating in Tournaments

OGS runs sitewide tournaments several times a day, with larger tournaments scheduled weekly and monthly. Depending on your placement in these tournaments can determine how many points you are awarded.

For more information on how to participate in tournaments see the Tournaments section.

How Tournament Points are Assigned

Tournaments have different maximum points values based on their frequency and the importance placed on the event.

For live and blitz tournaments points are generally allocated like this

  • Daily/Hourly - 10 points
  • Weekly - 30 points
  • Monthly - 50 points
  • Majors - 100 points

Points are assigned by dividing the total number of points by your rank in the tournament:

  • First Place - 1/1 - 100% of the tournament points
  • Second Place - 1/2 - 50% of the tournament points
  • Third Place - 1/3 - 33.3% of the tournament points

... on down until the number of tournament points that you would be assigned is less than 0.01%

If you resign or are disqualified from the tournament then you will receive 0 points

Importance of specific events

How is the leaderboard calculated?

Site Leaderboards are based on a 6 month sliding window of tournaments. The total number of points a player has acquired in that window is divided by the number of tournaments they have participated in in order to achieve an average. This is the number that is used when decided the rank in the sitewide leaderboards.

Further, the fewest number of tournaments that a player can participate in when calculating the average is 6. Therefor if a player has played in fewer than 6 tournaments their total number of points is still divided by 6. Currently there is no upper limit.

The amount of tournament points received from an individual tournament is also based on how long ago that tournament was played, thus it decreases over time gradually in the 6 months that it is considered when calculating tournament points.